see the inhabitants
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video of the haunt facility

Free admission, food, and tons of candy

see the witchtrail

A totally new 15 room haunted house, 3-D theater and 30 acres of adventure


Take a journey in search of the legendary Abington Witch

video of a demon burnout

The nation's largest free haunt in a newly constructed $400,000+ complex

video of a beheading

See the Demon and his crew blaze on flaming Harleys, smoking A.T.V.s, and the new Hauntmobile and Doombuggy


See the Executioner and his minions utilize their many instruments

video of the horseman

.Your favorite characters return plus many more!

video of a transportation

The Headless Horseman will be on site


Beam aboard the Abington flying UFO in Dr. Bush's reconfigured Transformatron

video of a cauldron

Fun for all ages in the expanded stage and interactive theatrical shows

video of a an mib

Will You be brave enough to take candy from the Witch's cauldron?

Specially armed agents will be on site

video from the holigricator

Bigger and better safe state of the art illusions

video of the reaper

Take ride through the mines under the house in Dr. Bush's 3-D Holigricator

See the 9-foot tall Grim Reaper